Feeding happiness begins from within

09 September 2018. By Lorren

We discuss some of our favourite tools for fostering calm and connection with your family.


Understanding what our toddler might bring to the table

24 June 2018. By Lorren

I know sometimes mealtimes with our toddlers can feel like a battlefield. Raising kids to eat well and enjoy food is often easier said than done. We are surrounded by information on what kids should be eating, but that doesn't always translate into what our little ones want to eat - let alone a good vibe at the dinner table!


4 tried and tested ways to nurture food exploration

05 May 2018. By Lorren

Getting our kids into the kitchen to help us is one way we can help them have a positive experience with food. It gives them the chance to become familiar with new foods and feeding tools without us expecting them to actually eat anything. It also helps our toddlers view themselves as capable & competent, which is a great mind-set to bring to the table for a peaceful mealtime.