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Got nutrition questions?

With so much conflicting information it can be difficult to know how to best nourish yourself and your family. We’ll help support you with clear reassurance using current research based information & proven psychological approaches.

Rachael is a registered paediatric dietitian and child feeding expert with over 15 years of experience helping hundreds of families with their issues around feeding.

Together you’ll create a personalised plan to help you and your family make sustainable health and lifestyle changes. No matter where you are at or what your nutrition goals are, we can help.

For mums and dads-to-be

If conception is the goal, then nutrition is key. Research shows healthy nutrition and lifestyle is linked with fertility health for both men and women. We provide a tailored plan using behaviour and goal setting to put you both in the best possible health for having a baby.

When you get pregnant a healthy mum means a healthy bump. What you eat during pregnancy gives your baby the best start in life, may reduce pregnancy complications and help you to recover after birth. Our tailored packages help you nourish yourself and your baby.

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And now there's baby too

Introducing solid foods to your little one is a major milestone which can be challenging and daunting time for many. How and what you feed your child lays the foundation for their relationship with food and their bodies. As an experienced parent and feeding expert, Rachael can help you feel confident knowing when, what and how to start solids, using both traditional and baby led weaning approach.

Toddlers can have pretty strong opinions about what you put on their plate! Are you finding meal times a battle? Do you find yourself dreaming of only needing to cook one dinner that everyone will enjoy? We’ll help you discover what works for your family and put the joy back into meal time.

When your kids are young there can be a host of specific nutrition issues. Your doctor may have diagnoses iron deficiency, food allergies or intolerances, constipation and eczema or autism spectrum disorders. We can help you sift through the information and choose the right pathway for you to help support your child.

As your kids grow up their nutrition concerns may change. If you’re becoming concerned about your teen and their nutrition, body image or relationship with their food then you’ve come to the right place.

Finding time for self-care is hard when juggling life and little people. Caring for yourself is not self-indulgence its self-preservation! Whether it’s dealing with specific nutrition needs such as breastfeeding, diabetes, allergies or food sensitivities, improving your gut health, hormone balance or advice to get you feeling healthy and confident in your own skin we’re here to help.

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What you can expect from your support session with Rachael

A complete lifestyle, medical and dietary assessment

Goal setting and behaviour change techniques to help you pinpoint want to achieve

Creating a personalised, achievable and sustainable plan tailored to your individual or family requirements

In person appointments are held at the roots of The Food Tree, in central Auckland. Rachael also offers online skype consultations allowing you to chat from the comfort of your own home, at a time that suits you.

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Personal consultation $180.00
Review consultation $80.00
Skype consultation $165.00
Review Skype $70.00

Some health insurance policies provide cover for dietetic consultation or treatment. Please keep your receipt and check with your insurer. Some ACC claims allow for dietetic input. You should discuss this possibility with your assessment team or caseworker.