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"Food should always be a pleasure" - Dr Emmi Pikler

We believe meal times should also be a time of happiness and connection.

For children in an Early Childhood Education (ECE) setting, coming together with friends and teachers to share a meal offers so many opportunities. To nourish themselves with both food, and loving care and attention from the adults around them.

ECE teachers play an important role in shaping children’s relationships with food and their bodies. But having worked in a range of ECE settings over the years, I understand that hosting peaceful and nurturing meal times isn't always easy. From juggling the routine of the day, to meeting the diverse needs of everyone in the group, there can be days when meal times are less than tranquil.

We want to help you transform your centre mealtimes, making them a time of day that both staff and children look forward to.

Together we can identify what is working well for your setting, build on the strengths in your team, identify the biggest challenges and create achievable goals for your centre meal times. We can also help you connect these goals with The New Zealand Early childhood curriculum Te Whāriki and the Education council professional goals and standards.

What we can offer:

  • Child friendly recipes-for transforming your current centre menu or for learning food with the children.
  • Guidance with self-reviews on your current menu or lunchbox policies
  • In-centre observation and feedback on current practice around meal times within your centre
  • Tips on becoming more sustainable
  • Encouragement and strategies for the ECE educators role in nurturing body positive children.
  • How to implement respectful approaches for resolving common food related issues for individual children and groups
  • Practical and fun approaches for children to learn about food and their bodies.
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